Cross Cultures Project Association

Welcome to Cross Cultures Virtual Clubhouse!

We care for each other

Symptoms? Stay at home

Do not show up to OFFS if you have symptoms of Covid-19. This also applies if you have been with, or have been in contact with, a person who has been tested positive.

Max. training groups of 10 incl. the trainer. Do not substitute in the groups during training.

Everyone must wash or disinfect their hands before training. All materials must be cleaned after training. 

Restrict ball contact with head and hands. It is recommended that headings and ball contact with hands be minimized.

Restrict body contact. Avoid unnecessary body contact, no high five or hugs!

Cross Cultures project association

About the virtual clubhouse

A clubhouse constitutes an important building brig that provides the framework of a good football environment. Today, with the Covid-19 crisis, the clubhouse is closed and so are all the activities inside and around the house.

Thus, the idea of the Cross Cultures Virtual Clubhouse is to develop a meeting place that our members can visit end enjoy together. Our mission is to bring people together and create the best possible environment for our children and voluntary leaders and coaches to meet, socialize and develop.


Coach's room

In the coach room you will find all relevant and interesting materials for your coaching and youth leadership education. The workshop themes spand from strategic planning to creating club guidelines and will provide you with excellent tools for creating a healthy environment when working with children.

Furthermore, you will find information about the philosophy of Cross Cultures, creativity and game intelligence, and club formation, which will provide you with an understanding of the underlying methodologies to Cross Cultures Open Fun Football Schools.


Contact Cross Cultures’ Head Quarter


Contact person: Anders Levinsen

Address: House of Sports, Broendby Stadion 20, DK-2605 Broendby