8 team rules


8 team rules

In this workshop you and your teammates will come up with 8 team rules that will make sure your football school is a good place to be!

Follow the steps below!

Step 1

Team up with 3-5 friends to start the workshop.

Step 2

Look at and discuss the chosen value cards from the previous workshop. You can see them again here.

Step 3

Come up with 8 team rules for your football school to make sure the values will be present at the Open Fun Football School!

NB: All rights are equal, but some are more relevant to your Open Fun Football School.

Step 4

Fill out the worksheet with the team rules and answer the following questions:

What is the meaning with the team rule?
What does the team rule mean?
How do we see the team rule?
What action to we take, if the the team rules does not work?

If everyones does not agree, start over.