Coordination games

Agility is coordinated movement, whereas mobility can be defined as a high level of movement coordination of the whole body in a given time and space. Coordination is a hereditary feature and the percentage of improvement probability is not as high as the percentage of probability of strength improvement; however, it is sufficiently high to be trained and to expect results regarding the improvement of the movement technique.

When talking about the football technique, we refer to a player’s movement with and without the ball.

Individual exercises

  • Dribbling the ball free-style while holding a tennis ball or some other object in your hand (a UEFA water bottle).
  • Dribbling the ball with the left and the right foot alternately, while tossing the tennis ball from one hand to the other.
  • Dribbling the ball using various techniques, while tossing the tennis-ball from one hand to the other behind your back.
  • Stepping on the football, while tossing the tennis-ball from one hand to the other behind your back.
  • Stepping on the ball and keeping one foot on it while tossing the ball from one hand to the other underneath that foot.
  • Juggling the ball using various techniques while tossing the tennis-ball from one hand to the other behind your back.

Pair exercises

  • In pairs and with two footballs, players forward parallel passes to one another – passing one ball with the foot and the other with the hands in a synchronized way: when one of them is passing the ball with the foot, the other passes the other ball with the hand.

  • Players pass two balls simultaneously on the ground.

  • Juggling the ball in pairs, determining the number of contacts beforehand. The player determines the number of contacts with the ball as the other player receives it. If the ball is dropped, the game should go on. One of the possibilities is to drop the ball intentionally after each contact.

Catch the ball

In pairs, players stand facing each other. One player is holding both his/her ears with his/her hands. The other player holds the ball at chest-height and drops it without any signal. The player who’s holding his/her ears has to react quickly and catch the ball before it falls on the ground.

Football juggling

Juggling with one foot only, with both feet (alternately), combining two or more different parts of the body, stepwise juggling, juggling with the head or the thigh, combining drops, turns, and slinging.

Dance and juggling

Juggling to the rhythm with soft movements of a tennis-ball, making small and large eights in the air, lowering and raising the ball, accelerating and slowing down the speed combined with catching.

  • Football juggling in pairs, threes, or in groups in all possible forms (players can drop out of the game if they make a mistake).
  • Rhythmical juggling with variations of speed and precision, agility, and mobility.

Exercises with balls

  • Tossing the ball over one’s head form one hand to the other, both in place and movement.

  •  The ball is tossed from the back with both hands over the head and caught it the front.

  • Tossing the ball rhythmically from one hand to the other, both in the front and behind one’s back.

  • With arms spread apart, the player rolls the ball from one arm to the other, tossing the head a little to the back in order that the ball might roll across the chest and on to the other arm. Try the same exercise but bend your head forward so that the ball rolls across the back of your neck.

  • With arms spread in the front, the player rolls the ball along his/her arms, from the body to the palms and back.

  • Tossing the ball above one’s head and forward; catching the ball.

  • The same as above, except that the player turns by 360 degrees and catches the ball.

Pair exercises

  • Two players, with their backs to one another and with their arms spread apart, hold hands.

  • They hold the ball on one of the sides and their task is to roll it to the other side without dropping it on the ground.When the ball rolls across their shoulders they have to bend their heads forward.

  • This exercise can also be done with players standing face to face.