The Cross Cultures Leadership Education

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Cross Cultures Education

The goal of Cross Cultures Leadership Education is to create opportunities for social and civic activity, sense of responsibility and enhanced employability.

At Cross Cultures Leadership Education, the participants will be endorsed Community Organisers, and the participants have acquired vocational clarification and skills enhancing their employability, alternatively prepare them for

(a) further vocational training,
(b) social entrepreneurship and / or
(c) further education as football coaches within the framework of the National Football As-sociation and/or Ministry of Youth and Sport.

The Leadership Education is based on Cross Cultures essential community-based and participatory bottom-up methodology and integrate Cross Cultures dialogue-based action-learning methods.

The education encompasses three steps.

Step 1: Basic level - Open Fun Football School Coach

60 hours/15 credits

At the basic level, the participants are trained in the specific child-centred and community-based Open Fun Football School approach in theory and practise.

The participants will gain the capacity to independently organise Open Fun Football Schools as tool to promote social and civic activities while enhancing trust and cooperation among otherwise antagonistic population groups.

The Basic level encompasses 3 days at seminar (theory) + five-days practice with the children + one-day evaluation and perspectivation.

Step 2: Advanced Level - Sport for change

120 hours/20 credits

At the advanced level, participants will work in theory and practice with their experiences from step 1 with enhanced focus on the topics.

a. Sport-for-change
b. Organisation
c. Community

Step 3: Own project - Community Organiser

120 hours/25 credits

Based on the learning from step 1 and step 2, the participants must design, plan, organise, execute, and evaluate their own project to meet a special need in their community.
The own project will
-Address a special need in the community
-Encompass a synopsis with oral feedback/forward
-Build on and include the intersection between
a. Sport-for-change
b. community
c. organisation

The Own Project will be evaluated by a teacher/instructor representing Cross Cultures together with an external censor from a relevant university.

The participants in the Cross Cultures Leadership Education will receive a Certificate after step 1 and step 2.
The participants receive a Cross Cultures Leadership Diploma after succeeding their final Synopsis.

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