Games with Cone

Individual exercises

  • Each player is given a ball and a cone. Moving, he/she tosses the ball out of the cone and then tries to catch it. Hold the cone up to take in the ball.
  • Lift the ball with the foot and kick it high in the air. Receive the ball with a cone. Move around, changing the direction, and turning.
  • In place, toss the ball from the left hand to the right, receiving the ball with a cone.
  • Juggling the ball with the head, foot, and the knee and receiving it in a cone.
  • Toss the ball from a cone high in the air (as high as you can) and receive it from a squat position with the cone, being careful not to drop it, softly, rhythmically and with a relaxed wrist.
  • Repeat the exercise, this time squatting, sitting on the ground, and standing up.

Pair exercises

  • Working in pairs, toss the ball to one another and catch it with your cones (Careful how you serve and toss!).
  • Working in pairs, toss the ball from your cone to your partners head. He/she kicks the ball with a header and you receive it with your cone. (Passing/serving the ball as a present).
  • Working in pairs, toss the ball to your partner. He/she should receive it with his/her knee, foot or head and then into the cone (pass/serve as if giving the ball on a platter).
  • A similar setup would be if both players could toss and receive the ball at the same time.
  • Players work in pairs. Each player tosses his/her ball high in the air (vertically) and proceeds to catch his/her partners ball.


The ball is thrown high in the air, but the height will depend on the distance between the partners. Players leave their cones on the ground and run to take their partners with which they receive the ball. Tossing the, ice-cream, (both the ball and the cone) to ones partner who receives it with both hands. Gradually, players are increasing the distance between themselves. Partners should try and receive the, ice-cream. with one hand only.