How to Uninstall Drivers on Windows: 7 Steps with Pictures

You can search the manufacturer’s website for the latest drivers. You’ll generally need the exact model to find it. Once you do, you can download and unzip the driver files. Numerous known issues have occurred due to corrupt, missing or outdated device drivers. Whatever your reason for initially wanting to remove the Nvidia drivers, know that it’s a good practice to keep your computer’s device drivers up to date. There are various reasons you would want to remove the software that controls a graphics adapter.

  • Windows 10 can automatically set up drivers for most graphics adapters, but the drivers available through Windows Update are not typically the more recent.
  • Tweak Library is a dedicated repository of information about technology.
  • AMD Radeon Settings is the main driver interface that allows the user to adjust various graphics driver settings.

The good news is that you now know how to use DDU, which is also useful if you’re installing a new graphics card. Select High performance NVIDIA processor under Preferred graphics processor. Then the graphics card will be used when the system executes the task.

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There is yet another alternative way for you to try out. You may use trustworthy third-party software to have a deep check for any available updates of the AMD driver. If you want to reinstall it, you can restart your computer and Windows will automatically reinstall the missing AMD driver. Windows 11 does not always catch the newest drivers and the drivers it did update were not latest version. The software also has fairly robust monitoring and a screen overlay.

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Check the checkbox of “Device Driver Packages”, and press OK. If new drivers are available for a particular device, Windows will automatically try to download and install the latest version through Windows Update. I use DDU in safe mode every time i update to a new driver, its just a good feeling knowing that using DDU you are less likely to run into an issue after installing a driver.

How to fix This app has been blocked for your protection error on Windows 10

On the home screen, you can either click on the “See Overview” option to view the already scanned results or select the “Scan again” option. Launch the program on your PC after successful installation. Select the “Update Now” button placed alongside the driver for which you want to install the latest available version.

Select Update Driver from the right-click menu. However, instead of letting Windows search for it automatically, browse my computer for driver software in step 3. If your computer’s hardware is causing errors, you might need to update the driver manually. First, you need to right-click the hardware entry in Device Manager and select properties.

When it comes to features beyond just rendering games, Nvidia and AMD take much different approaches. What you may then want to do is uninstall the driver completely from the system. This works well most of the time, as you only have to open the uninstall a program applet in the control panel to do so. AMD is one of the behemoths of graphics on PC. Granted, Nvidia is miles ahead in terms of actual sales, but if you want great value for the money and comparable performance, then AMD could be the way to go. Updating graphics drivers should usually be a simple process, but there are certainly better and worse ways to do it.

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