Participants are divided into two teams. The first player from each team gets through the hoop from head to toes, whereas the second player does it from toes to the head and the game continues in this order until all the players have completed the task. The first team to get the hoop to the end of the column and perform the task properly wins the competition.


Participants are divided into 2, 3, or 4 groups. The players in the front are given a hoop that they have to jump (with both feet) or get through (the same as with a rope) as they head towards the cone and back, passing the hoop to the next player in line. The group that finishes the task first wins the competition.

The stork and the frogs

Decide who is going to be a stork using one of the nursery rhymes. Other players are frogs. There are several hoops scattered around the playground (water-lilies) representing a refuge for the frogs. Frogs are jumping around on all fours. At a given signal, jumping on one foot, the stork starts chasing the frogs. If the frogs jump into one of the hoops, they are saved. Should a frog be too far away from a hoop and is in danger of being caught by the stork, another frog can provide shelter for that frog in its own hoop. If the frog does not manage to save itself and is caught by the stork, it will become the stork (the stork will become a frog) and start chasing other frogs.

Hitting the hoop

Two teams (8 players in each) compete. With their backs to the hoops, they throw the balls over their heads. The players are allowed to take a look at the hoop before they shoot. The team that scores the most points wins


Players form four teams of four. The teams stand, sit, or lie at the start-line. In front of them, at several metres distance four hoops have been arranged. At the coach’s signal (money-box) they simultaneously head towards their respective hoops and enter them. After three repetitions, the best team is pronounced. The starting positions can be different and which position is to be used is on the coach to decide.

Score in the hoop

Players are divided into two teams of eight. Five hoops are arranged around the station. One in the middle, the other four in the corners of the station. Players play with one ball only and points are scored when the ball is received inside a hoop by a team member of the player who had thrown the ball. The task of the other team is to intercept or take away the ball from the opponents hands. When they succeed, the teams have to change roles. The game is played until a certain number of point has been scored or for a limited period of time.

Hitting the hoop in movement

Two players are passing a hoop to one another (rolling it on the ground) between two columns of players. The players from the columns are trying to hit the hoop (one point) or get the ball through the hoop as it moves (two points).


There is a hoop on the ground in front of each column. At the coachs signal, the first player takes the hoop, gets through it and holding it at his/her waist, jumps as far as he/she can, leaving the hoop on the ground. The next player steps in and takes another jump with the hoop from where the first player had left it. The first column to reach the goal wins the competition.

Obstructing from the hoop

Hoops are scattered on the ground (each at about two metres distance from one another). Participants are divided into two groups. Members of one of the groups step into the hoops. The other team are dribbling the ball and passing it among themselves. The players in the hoops are trying to steal the ball from them, but must on no account get out of their hoops (one foot has to be inside the hoop at all times). When they touch the ball, the teams exchange their roles.

Football vagabonds

Participants are dribbling the ball, circling around an area where hoops had been arranged. There is always one hoop less than there are players. At a given signal, the participants with the balls at their feet are trying to take one of the hoops. The player who is left without a hoop drops out. The player to win the last hoop available is the winner.