Level 3 - Own project


120 Hours/25 Credits

The objective of Step 3 is to develop and implement their own individual project to address a particular need in the community.
Based on the curriculum of Basic (Step 1) and Advanced levels (Step 2), participants are tasked to design and implement their own project to meet a special need in their community from the inception to the reporting phase, combining the learning objectives. The hands-on experience of this level contributes to the participant’s personal development and stimulate their active civic participation and employability.

Knowledge and understanding

At the project level (Step 3) the participants must have knowledge about.

  • Change theory.
  • Network theory.
  • Phases of a project cycle from the interception to the reporting phase.


Demonstrating strategic planning and use of project management tools, amongst other:

  • Strategic analysis:
    (a) where do we come from?
    (b) in what direction do we go?
    (c) what are we doing to achieve our goals.
  • Fundraising.
  • Advocating and public information.
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning tools.


Independently design, initiate and implement their own project to meet a special need in their community. Community mobilisation and network building.