Photo Wall

Phone book

(45 Minutes)


To make a photo wall with a personal record of each participant comprising a picture and a few words on:

  • The participant motivation for attenting the seminar.
  • The capacity the participant brings to OFFS.
  • What the participant hopes to get back in return.


The participants are divided into smaller groups approx. 3 person per group. The members of a group must come from three different countries and preferably not know each other beforehand.



The organizers take a picture of each participant and prepare a piece of paper with a picture on.


The participants must introduce themselves to each other while discussing the guiding questions below:

  • Person, A will fill out the record of, Person B
  • Person B, will fill out the record of, Person C
  • Person C, will fill out the record of, Person A


After the seminar, the records will be assembled into a telephone network book that will be distributed to the participants.


It is up to the participants to decide if they will provide their phone number, email and Facebook ID.

Guiding Questions:

  • What is my background for being here today?
  • What is my motivation to volunteer in the Caravan program?
  • What capacity and experience can I bring to this seminar and the Caravan program?
  • What do I expect I can bring home from this seminar?


  • 1 photo camera.
  • 1 color printer.
  • Colored A4-papir with the records.
  • Glue to fix the pictures on the colored paper.
  • Tape to fix the records on the wall.