Steamed Bulgur

Step 1

Rinse the bulgur with water.

Step 2

Cut the vegetables into medium pieces.

Step 3

Cut the meat into small pieces and season it with curcuma, salt and black pepper. Then chop garlic and add it in the mix.

Step 4

Now mix all together carefully.

Step 5

Add the bulgur, vegetables and meat together in a big ball.

Step 6

Then you add the spices you prefer. (For me it was curcuma and salt)

Step 7

Now mix it all together.

Step 8

Then put the mixture in a steaming cooker already with hot water.

Step 9

You leave it, covered, on medium for almost 1 hour. At the end you add a spoon of olive oil in the mixture, the result is worth it.


  • Burgul 750 gr
  • Meat 400 gr
  • Vegetables
    • beans, carrots, tomatoes, parsley, spinach, garlic, onion, broccoli, green squash, turnip, chickpea
      (quantities according to volunteer)


Rice can be used instead of bulgur. (That may take 30-35 minutes to be cooked)

Adding to fibres, vitamine B, iron, bulgur is rich of Betaine, that is anti-inflammatory element and prevent from diabetes, alzheimer and phlebitis.

Bulgur help keeping a good blood pressure, thank to potassium, magnesium and sodium.
Bulgur also helps preventing from obesity, and colon cancer as well.