Strategic Interventions

Step 9


What do we do, in order to achieve our desired goals?

In order to define what we need to do to achieve our desired goals it can be helpful to define the opposite:
What are we not doing?

What are we doing to achieve our goals?

Production process:
What are your products? And how do you produce your products?

Stakeholders process:
How do you manage your stakeholders to create values for them and make them feel ownership in your organization/program?

Social process:
How do you organize your team and collaborate together in order to achieve our desired goals?

  • Who are the leaders of your organization?
  • How are decisions made and carried out?
  • When do you meet?
  • How do you coordinate your activities?
  • etc.

Innovation process:
How can you develop and introduce a new or significantly improved product (goods or services), process, organization structure and marketing method?

The innovation must be new or significantly improved to the organization itself, but it can be developed by others or introduced by others.

Step 10

Knowhow and technologies

It is important to evaluate what knowhow and technologies are available and what knowhow and technologies needs to be enhanced to implement the desired strategy?
In this context it can be useful to distinguish between

Guiding questions:
A ) Human capital
Does the staff have the desired know how and capacity to facilitate and accomplish the desired change?

What shall the staff and stakeholders learn in order to be able to facilitate and accomplish the desired change?

B ) Organization capital:
What competences are needed within the organization to facilitate the desired change?
For example:

  • Culture
  • Motivation
  • Leadership

C ) Information capital:
What is the communication strategy?
What information systems are available to support the desired change and the communication strategy?
What systems must be enhanced?
For example:

  • Databases
  • Toolkit
  • Information systems