A core value is a value we consider important in our relationship with our colleagues, the children, their parents and our partners in general. In this way core values are meant to be a common frame of reference in the way we are speaking and acting together, and when we are making decisions in the organization both in regard to the daily operation and in relation to long-term decisions.

Step 1
Find 3-6 friends for this workshop
Step 2
Look at the value cards below and in turn select 1.
When you pick a value card you must argue why this value is important to you
Step 3
In the group you must agree on the same 4 core values you think is the most important
If you do not agree, start over and try again
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Guiding Questions:

  • What meaning do you associate with the chosen value?
  • What does it not mean?
  • What significance do you associate with the chosen value?
  • Why is the chosen value important to you?
  • If the value could speak, what would the value say to me?
  • How do we see the value at The Open Fun Football School?