What is a good coach?

What is

A good coach?

(60 Minutes)

As coaches at Open Fun Football Schools or Sports Festivals you must consider it a main task to serve a positive example, as role model, to the children. That is why it is incredibly important that you as an adult leader or coach is aware of your role and that you have attention of all the players and their attitudes, both as individuals and as group members.

Thus, to be coach within Cross Cultures we are not only football coach but also a mediator and we aim to transmit positive norms and safeguarding behaviour in our efforts of providing children a good life both inside and outside the playing field.
Therefore a good coach for Cross Cultures is dynamic and dedicated with inclusive pedagogical approach. A coach/leader that meet the children ‘where they are’ and support, motivate and inspire them to experience succes, appreciation and improvement. A coach that takes the duty of care seriously and shows safeguarding behaviour towards children.


To discuss and elaborate on:

What constitutes a good childrens football coach?


The participants are divided into small groups of 4-6 persons sitting around the table as for a game of whist/bridge. On the tables in front of them are a flip-over on which we have drawn a picture of Sretcko. Our little happy man.



The participants must discuss in groups and list the 4 most important answers to the guiding questions on the flip-over:

What must a good childrens coach know?

What is the commitment of a good childrens coach?

What are the most important skills of a good childrens coach?


Summing up in plenum.


  • Chairs and tables that are lined up for group work.
  • Prepared flip-overs and questions that are handed out for participants.
  • Tape/scotch for the flip-over presentation.