School Yard Mediation


School Yard Mediation

This workshop focuses on preventing conflict-related problems at the Open Fun Football Schools. It will give you and your teammates tools for understanding each other and handling conflict together. 

When we are in conflict with each other we need to know how to talk with each other, in order to solve the conflict. Understanding how the other person feels is vital in understandig what and why the conflict started and how we can solve it.

This workshop can espescially be helpfull in times of a conflict, but it can also be useful as a training exercise where you imagine the case of conflict and perform the steps with your teammates.

Team up with 3-4 teammates and 1 coach and follow the steps below!

Step 1

In your group, discuss with your coach what the FFA-man means? And how can we use it in everyday situations?

The children in conflict must now, with your coach, follow the next steps of the workshop.

Step 2

All involved in the conflict must now answer the following questions. One at a time:

  • What are the factual happenings? What, where, when?
  • What did you hear, say, or do?

You should only focus on describing the situation in this step.

Step 3

Now talk about what the factual case did to her/him.

  • How do you feel? Are you sad/irritated/angry?

Now, discuss in your group which of the fundamental needs you think the group member feels lack of:

  • Respect
  • Recognition
  • Safety
  • Trust
  • Acceptance
  • To be heard
  • To be
  • Understood
  • Belonging

Step 4

Now discuss how everyone in the group can help next time there is a conflict.

  • What actions can help prevent conflicts?

After this, the rest of the group goes through the FFA-man telling how they experienced the conflict.

When everyone have been through the steps, the group must agree on 4 actions and solutions to solve conflicts.

Ekstra exercises:

Make up a conflict case, train the case following the FFA-man steps and show a 3 minutes play to the rest of the groups.

Discuss in your group, the feelings we can have when we experience good contact to the others.

Discuss in your group, the feelings we can have when we experience a conflict with others.