Fun football

The training ground

Open Fun Football Schools, is a big fun-footballcamp of five-days duration (minimum 24 hours) that are organized with the purpose to bring people to interact together across boundaries and societal divides.

The children are divided into 12 groups of approx. 16 players, one coach and one coach assistant and they are all accommodated at the same time on the same football pitch.

The Open Fun Football Schools are all tailored by the voluntary OFFS-leaders and OFFS-coaches and addresses their particular local context. Therefore, the Open Fun Football Schools differs from place to place. However, the Open Fun Football School always comply to our fundamental principles, and the exercises played must reflect Cross Cultures specific fun-football-methodology (head-heart-skills)


All examples of Fun Games, Coordination games, Orientation games and so forth are gathered in the kids room under Fun Games. 

Example of an Open Fun Football School's training ground