Strategic Intention

Step 4

The meaning/Mission

In business terms the meaning / mission forms the foundation of the organization:

Guiding questions:

  • Why do we exist?

  • Why would our target group and stakeholders miss us if we did not exist?

  • What drives us?

  • What is the raison d’etre of our organization?

Step 5

Value & Significance

The basic values are a description of what is important to us in our relationship with colleagues, customers and partners in general.

In this way the basic values serve the purpose to draw the companys profile outward and it is meant to be the common frame of reference when making decisions in the organization both in daily life and in relation to long-term decisions.

Guiding questions:

A ) Identify the four values you find most important and discuss:

  • Why is this particular value important to me?

  • If the value could speak, what would the value say to me?

  • What is the opposite of the chosen value?

B ) Discuss your chosen values up against the four dimensions in the, Greek Template:

The Greek Template

Guiding questions:
If your basic value is ‘Love’

  • What is, true, love?
  • What is, good. love?
  • What is, beautiful, love?
  • What is, righteous, love?

Step 6


If you wish your organization to develop it is a MUST to have a vision, a guiding star, that describes where you want to go and what you would like to accomplish in the future.

A carefully crafted vision can help you to communicate your organizations strategic intentions in a one-sentence statement describing the clear and inspirational long-term desired change resulting from the organizations work. In this way a VISION is a, future, desirable state or an expected future performance created by your organization.

A vision is like a DREAM. It is something you can see, but not necessary reach.

Nokia: Connecting people.
Danish Sports Association: We are moving Denmark.
Danish Football Association: A part of something bigger.
Open Fun Football Schools: Become a movement in the region.

Step 7

Operational Goals

In contrary to a vision an Operational Goal is something you can see and something that are realistic to achieve.

However, it is easy to set a goal, but it can be a challenge to reach the target!

In this context it can be useful to use the SMART-approach when designing the Operational Goals.